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March 2022

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Survivor Moving Project

Publication Design & Print

The Desktop Publishers

Graphic Art Company, founded in 2002 and located in Arlington, Texas, to help small companies, churches, and individual entrepreneurs get their business online at reduced costs so they could continue their businesses after 911.

Worship and Missions

Marshall Drive Baptist Church

Marshall Drive Church, located in Grand Prairie, TX, wanted to communicate online by posting sermons, videos, photos, lessons, Bible lessons, prayer lists, and other announcements.

Live Website

Sam Allen Insurance Project
Survivor Moving Project

Custom Motorcycles

Slater’s Custom Paint

Steve Slater, of Purdon, Texas is the owner and founder of Slater’s Custom Paint has been customizing motorcycles with his airbrush skills for over 30 yrs. He wanted to offer his services online so other bikers could learn about his work.

Live Website

Financial Services

Wheetley Financial Services

Lanier Wheetley, owner and founder of Wheetley Financial Services, located in Arlington, TX wanted a redesign to show and help more people how to protect their savings after 911.

Live Website

Sam Allen Insurance Project
Survivor Moving Project

Child Placement Services

Caregivers YTLS

Caregivers Youth Transitional Living Services, located in Arlington, TX, wanted to update and modernize their website.

Live Website

Document Shredding Services

Wisdom Shredding

For Sale! Domain Expired. But I have the site. Price will depend upon the work you want done to it.

expired domain

Sam Allen Insurance Project
Survivor Moving Project

Health Services

1st Health, LLC

1st Health, LLC was founded by Gwen Marshall around 2001. She wanted a redesign and update to put her health services and training online.

Live Website

Yard Services

BITB Lawn and Tree

Right out of high school, Alandre (Dre) Harris started a lawn service for Arlington, TX. He wanted a website to let people know that he was available for any needed lawn or tree service.

Live Website

Sam Allen Insurance Project
Empire Carpets & Floors Project

Flooring and Remodeling

Empire Carpets & Floors

Empire Carpet and Floors, located in Dallas, TX, service all types of flooring needs from new installations to rebuilding.  A new site was needed to compliment the growth in recent business.

Independent Insurance Agency

Allen Insurance

Allen Insurance is an independent agent located in Grand Prairie, TX. It has been serving families and businesses  with insurance needs for over 40 years. A new site was needed to help promote the business on mobile technology.

Sam Allen Insurance Project
Survivor Moving Project

Moving Company

Survivor Moving Company

Survivor Moving is located in Arlington, Texas and serves Texas and south east and west states. A new site was needed to reach and help more people moving to this area.

Skin Care Products

Queens Moods, LLC

Queens Moods LLC was needing a lightweight website to display several skin care products.

Live Website

Sam Allen Insurance Project
Business Window Cleaning Website

Window Cleaning

Business Window Cleaning

Owner wanted a startup website for her new business in Fort Worth, TX and wanted to emphasize store fronts for her window cleaning.

Live Website

 Move-In Services

Rise & Shine Environmental Services

Owner, serving the Brazos Valley with move-in and make-ready services, wanted a lite weight website that he could have room to grow and advance his marketing strategy as his company grew.

Live Website

Rise & Shine Environmental Services
Preferred Insurance Specialists Agency Website

Church Insurance

Preferred Insurance Specialists Agency

Owner, Lanier Wheetley of Arlington, TX,  had a long established business with an older website. He wanted a complete redesign plus add a new service for health insurance.

Live Website

Christian Ministry

Habakkuk Circle Ministries

Gwen Marshall has a background in nursing and founded three companies and a ministry. She wanted to develop a website to attract helpers and donations for her ministry.

Habakkuk Circle Ministries
Survivor Moving Project

Child Placement Agency

Kids Family Network

Kids Family Network is located in Grand Prairie, TX, serving the DFW Metroplex. The company was founded by Tasha Bowie Oct. ’22 as a not-for-profit organization.

Promotional Agency

The Frog Blues Festival

The Frog Blues Festival is an annual event with an outside atmosphere and held in Terrel, TX, featuring several bands and entertainment. The promotional agency wanted a one-page website to advertise the event.

The Frog Blues Festival Desktop computer
Survivor Moving Project


Screaming Rosemary

Keith wanted a responsive one-page-website that would display his lyrics and music plus allow his visitors to listen and/or download free music from any listening device.