Hello! I'm Robert, your web host and site designer.

I designed this site just for you.

Well, just for you and me.

Just for you, so you can see a sample of your site before we design it. You can accept or reject the prototype before the sight is started. That way, you will be sure of the look, feel, and colors of your completed design.

For me, so I can show you some other websites that I have designed. It will give you an idea of the work I do.

Some of my latest work I have put in an image gallery so you can compare my work and get other ideas for your site.

Thanks for viewing. I appreciate your visit and any comments that you may have.

You may also want to visit my company website at Inphase Website Hosting & Design.

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About Inphase

Inphase Website Hosting & Design started about 20 years ago with the purpose of helping small businesses, churches, and individual entrepreneurs get online with the least expense possible. We haven’t quit that purpose yet.

We have been helping small business in Texas with their website requirements since 2001, providing the necessary Web design and tools that any website owner, web master or developer needs to manage and succeed in his or her online business endeavors.

Inphase was organized under Texas, Tarrant County law as a sole-proprietorship in 2003 and remains that way today.

We are a graphic design company located in Arlington, Texas. At first, we did our work as The Desktop Publishers doing graphic designs and short-run printing jobs for marketing materials. You can visit that website at https://www.thedesktoppublishers.com.

When we started designing websites, we published our website services under a new URL so our customers and other visitors could have only the information that interested them: without the printing information—or the website information if that is what they preferred.